CNC Machining of a Brass Sleeve for the Oil & Gas Industry

CNC Machining Of a Housing For The Oil And Gas Industry

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At Brant Custom Machining, Ltd., we are highly experienced in manufacturing custom precision parts for demanding applications. By providing a cost-effective fabrication service that doesn’t sacrifice precision or quality, we benefit our customers by making their design ideas for crucial parts and project components become a reality.

One of our largest areas of expertise is manufacturing parts for the oil & gas industry. In the example highlighted here, we were contracted by a customer for fabrication of a custom brass sleeve using high grade material. This sleeve featured a diameter of 3.500″ and a length of 11.125,” making it a challenging part to manufacture.

Dimensional accuracy being of high importance, we decided to use a combination of CNC Milling and Turning to cut and shape the part. Chamfering, drilling, and deburring steps were also used to add additional design features. Peak tolerances of ± 0.002″ were achieved during the production process.

After fabrication, the brass sleeve was inspected, tested for accuracy, and shipped direct to the customer. Throughout our work in this project, we worked closely with the customer, ensuring that the final product would be as precise as possible while following design intent.

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