CNC Machining Of A Housing

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At Brant Custom Machining, Ltd., we make it possible to manufacture high precision part designs for highly specialized applications. Through our accuracy-first approach and a dedication to customer needs, we make custom parts manufacturing cost-effective and accessible for our commercial and industrial customers.

We were recently contracted by a customer in the Oil & Gas industry, a segment that we regularly serve. In the case discussed here, we were tasked with fabrication of a 5.00″ diameter, 6.25″ long housing from high quality alloy material. A high precision manufacturing approach would be necessary to properly follow the customer’s design intent.

We elected to use a combination CNC Turning and CNC Milling processes in order to ensure high levels of precision. Tapping and standard deburring steps followed to refine the end product further. During manufacturing, peak tolerances of ± 0.001″ were achieved.

After the fabrication process, inspection and testing steps rounded out our work on the project. Through our unique combination of capabilities and attention to customer detail, we make the fabrication of an important service part fast, cost-effective, and easier than traditional approaches.

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