CuttingSawing and Cutting

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At Brant Custom Machining, Ltd., our facility houses heavy duty sawing and cutting equipment for processing sheet, bar stock, tube, and plate materials. With up to 25″ throat and 12″ capacity, our vertical-style saws provide the flexibility to cut an enormous range of materials, including steel, aluminum, iron, high performance alloys, plastics, fiberglass composites, and more. Able to cut tight radius or large cut-off sections, our technically skilled operators have the ability make clean, controlled cuts with precise dimensional control and consistent repeatability. Our yield rates are some of the highest in the industry.

We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding workmanship at fair and competitive pricing. Our customer service team is energetic and responsive, and we have the agility to work with short lead times and provide firm delivery dates. We have many decades of experience in the nuclear, mining, pulp & paper, rubber processing, and food processing industries, and are familiar with the unique needs of each. For more information about our sawing and cutting services, please contact us directly.